Soleq has a focus on solar PV projects in Asia, and aspires to become one of the first pure play solar IPPs in the region. Our investment strategy is based on four key principles:

  1.  Identifying markets with investment opportunities that have attractive tariff structures and incentive schemes

    Soleq will enter markets with government sponsored feed-in tariffs for renewable energy projects, but also explore grid and off-grid projects with long term PPAs with highly rated off-takers. Projects can be ground-mount or rooftop and range from 2-200MW in capacity.

  2.  Partnering with leading solar industry participants and maintaining healthy relationships with business partners, local government, and communities

    Soleq maintains on-going relationships with industry participants including competitors, technology providers, construction contractors, advisors, and regulators in each active market and strives to shape and influence the markets it enters.

  3.  Developing a local presence and network to enhance deal sourcing, execution and asset management within each region

    With professionals located in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines and Taiwan, Soleq continues to build local knowledge and networks.

  4.  Value-creation through active management of the development, construction and operational phases of a solar project

    Soleq is able to assume risk at all stages of development including land security, permitting, construction procurement, and operation management by taking full control over each project.